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Galerie Halloween Party Pack has treats and gifts for 12!

Make memories with tricks & treats from Galerie!

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Halloween Party Pack

Punchbowl fun, party activity, goody bag treats, and flashlights for trick-or-treating!

Galerie Halloween Brain Freeze Mold with Candy

Mold comes in 2 colors, with drink mix, sour gummy worms, and recipe!

Galerie Halloween Ice Cube Tray Eyeballs

Creepy fun for your Halloween guests!

Case of Galerie Halloween Gummy Stackers

12 gummy candy skewers. Each comes with witch and pumpkin gummies.

Case of Galerie Halloween DIY Candy Jewelry

12 'make your own' candy jewelry kits. 6 Skeleton and 6 Pumpkin.

Case of Galerie Fangs w/Gummy Tongue

12 colorful gummy tongues in 3 colors with plastic fangs. Classic Halloween accessory.

Disney/Pixar Halloween Candy Bracelet Party Pack

Halloween party packs each containing 26 candy jewelry bracelets.

Case of Galerie Halloween Candy Jewelry Bracelets with Eyeball Medallions

10 bags with 6 bracelets per bag. Perfect for Halloween goodie bags!