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Hard Candies and Lollipops are perfect for a grab-and-go treat


Find delightful designs and flavors from Galerie.

Galerie Christmas Plush Owl and Monkey with Candy

Big Eyed Plush Friends in 2 animal varieties. Each with a present of sweet holiday treats.
SKU: 810087191

Galerie Puppy Pretend Reindeer Plush w/candy

Little plush puppy with reindeer antler hood! So Cute! 3 color varieties available.
SKU: 810081017

Case of 15 DYLAN’S CANDY BAR Colorful ® Secret Message Lollipop Combo

6 different flavors to try in this 15 Round classic swirl lollipop assortment!
SKU: 992344018c

Star Wars Light-up Candy Lightsaber™

Lickalicious candy lightsaber really lights-up!
SKU: 992126133

Disney∙Pixar Cars 3 Lollipops 10 ct bag

Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez in fun fruity flavors!
SKU: 992261017

Merchandiser of Star Wars Light-Up Lightsaber™ Lollipops

10 Star Wars lightsaber lollipops in red and blue varieties.
SKU: 992126133m

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