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What color is your lightsaber?  

Merchandiser of Star Wars Light-Up Lightsaber™ Lollipops

10 Star Wars lightsaber lollipops in red and blue varieties.
SKU: 992126133m

Star Wars Dog Tag Surprise Bags with Candy

Collectible Star Wars Dog Tags with candy will delight fans of the Skywalker Saga.
SKU: 901279017

Star Wars 2 Mug Gift Set with Cocoa

Choose from 2 different collections of Star Wars 2 Mug Gift Sets with Cocoa
SKU: 871759017

Star Wars Light-up Candy Lightsaber™

Lickalicious candy lightsaber really lights-up!
SKU: 992126133

Star Wars Character Mugs

Fabulous Star Wars Ceramic Character Mugs with Candy
SKU: 871683016

Case of Star Wars EP7 Mini-Tin with mint flavored Candy

Case has 144 mini-tins in 3 varieties.
SKU: 940392016c

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