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Case of Despicable Me Minion™ Freezer Pop Molds with Candy

Case has 6 individually wrapped pop molds. Case pack is 1/6/6.

Lovable Minion Freezer Pop molds will encourage your creativity as you think of what fun fruity items you can freeze!

OOOhhh!  Banana Smoothie Freezer Pops?!

Item Specs: W x D x H  2.83 x 1.02 x 6.52

Item Wt: 3.50 oz     Candy Wt: 2.01 oz

Merchandiser Specs: Front  7.63 in  Front Face: 2

                                  Depth  5.38 in   Face Depth: 3

                                  Height  2.0 in

Outer Carton Specs:  W x D x H  6.25 x 9.38 x 7.25  Case Weight: 1.8 lbs

Candy in  each: 57g Yellow Dextrose 11mm Balls

Country of origin: China

TM  & © Uni.

UPC: 768395506537

SCC 14: 10768395506534

case of Minion freezer pop molds
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