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* For ages 3 and up.

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Galerie Puppy Pretend Reindeer Plush w/candy

Little plush puppy with reindeer antler hood! So Cute! 3 color varieties available.

When is a reindeer not a reindeer?  When it's a puppy pretending to be a reindeer!  

So cute puppies come wearing a hood with little reindeer antlers.

Check it out!  The ears poke through the hood.

You can take the hood down, but it remains attached under the chin so it doesn't get lost and cause a panic.

In the reindeer tradition, these pups tote sweet treats too!  Enjoy the mini-candy canes paired with this festive holiday pooch.

Choose from 3 different colors: cream, oatmeal, and brown.

Candy Best By: 05/24/2019

galerie plush puppies pretend reindeer
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