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Picture of Case of Galerie Belgian Chocolate Donuts

Case of Galerie Belgian Chocolate Donuts

8 Packs of delicious chocolates. So cute - So tasty!

Product description

Donuts are so adorable you may be tempted just have them for show. . . until you taste them!  9 Donuts in each package in a collection of strawberry creme, caramel creme, vanilla creme, and chocolate creme. Yum!

Item Specs: H x D x W  6.81 x 1.44 x 6.77 inch

Item Weight: 7.15 oz

Candy Label Weight: 6.0 oz

 *Best By date is May 31, 2018 *

UPC Code:  768395515584-00003

SCC14 Code: 10768395515581

case of Galerie Belgian Donuts
SKU: 291443099c
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