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Halloween Party Pack

Punchbowl fun, party activity, goody bag treats, and flashlights for trick-or-treating!

Hosting a Halloween Party?  Party Pack from Galerie makes it easy! 

  • 1 -Ghoulishly fun brain mold with gummy worms for a punch bowl treat
  • 2 - Gummy Eyeball ice-cube trays for a creepy treat in every glass
  • 12 - Make your own candy jewelry kit for a fun activity *2 varieties
  • 12 - Flashlights with candy and extras if trick-or-treating runs late *3 colors
  • 12 - Finger lollipops *4 colors
  • 12 - gummy tongues with plastic fangs *3 flavors
  • 12 - net bags of eyeball gum 

Lots of tricks, treats, and activities for Halloween party fun!

Halloween Party Pack
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