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Galerie BIG-EYED Plush With Candy

Choose from purple bunny, blue monkey, or yellow duck. Sure to delight!

Monkey, duck, bunny "Oh My!"  Fuzzy plush critters are perfect for cuddling.   Adorable big, sparkly eyes are a favorite with all ages. 

Each comes with a package of BRACH'S jelly beans.  Make great Easter basket fillers!

* Recommended for ages 3 and Up.*  

Size: H x D x W   6.00 x 3.0 x 4.00 inch

Candy: Jelly Beans  Candy Label Weight: 0.93 oz

Best By Date: 06/15/2020

Galerie BIG-EYED Plush With Candy
one of 3 varieties available: monkey, duck, bunny
Choose from the following:

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