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Labeling Information


Galerie lists allergen warnings on our product labels. The allergen statement will appear immediately below the Ingredient statement. If applicable to the product, we use the following statements:

1. CONTAINS- This statement will declare any of the 8 major allergens that are in the product.

2. MAY CONTAIN- This statement will declare any of the 8 major allergens present in the manufacturing facility, or that are processed on shared equipment with the product. The possibility of contact or airborne cross contamination varies from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on equipment and plant design, as well as their allergen containment procedures. This information is provided so the consumer may make their own decisions for risk, as allergen sensitivity may vary between individuals.

If the product does not bear either statement, the manufacturer has declared the 8 major allergens (peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, egg, wheat, fish and shellfish) are not present in the facility.


 Galerie does not declare any products ‘gluten free’. Foods must meet specific standards to bear this claim. Gluten is a product of certain grains (wheat, barley and others). Many of our candy products are made with ingredients that do not include these.


Galerie sells some products that contain ‘gelatin’ as an ingredient. This ingredient is sourced from both beef and pork products.

Best By Date

To fully enjoy our product, we recommend that you use it by this date. The product should retain its best eating characteristics (flavor and texture) until this date when stored properly. This date does not represent an ‘expiration date’. When stored under optimum conditions the product may remain safe and enjoyable beyond the ‘best by’ date. Most of our candies are best stored in a cool (55°F to 65°F) dry place.